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Tattoos can be removed fast using tatt2away's system and process with fewer treatments needed. The Tatt2Away systemremoves ALL ink colorswith minimal discomfort and measurable changes with every treatment.

Tattoo Removal opens up a world of possibilities as far as offering our clients Cover Ups, not to mention it is far more inexpensive, more effective and much less painful than laser treatments.

The Tatt2Away patented system is unlike laser tattoo removal that breaks down pigment ingredients into smaller particles in order to be eliminated from the body. Some researchers have found these smaller particles in critical organs of the body that may prove to be potentially dangerous and even carcinogenic.

Until Tatt2Away®, laser tattoo removal has been considered a standard removal but lasers have only been able to address a limited range of pigment colors. Additionally, there are concerns that laser energy is responsible for the decomposition of tattoo pigment into potentially dangerous, and in some cases, carcinogenic substances.Tatt2Away®avoids potential health risks while addressing the needs of the tattoo studio and its customers.

WHAT IS TATT2AWAY?:   The Tatt2away® Tattoo Removal System works using a similar technique to how a tattoo is applied.  Tatt2Away® treatments are designed to remove the tattoo in a series of visits for maximum results. The number of treatments depends on the size complexity, and location of the design.

WHAT DOES THIS COST?:   An average size tattoo (4 inches by 4 inches), may need four or five visits but is realistically determined during the initial consultation... you MUST come in for  consult in order to receive a quote / estimate of cost per session.

DOES IT HURT?:   Discomfort from the procedure is comparable to that of a tattoo being applied. Treatment
sessions last about 20-30 minutes and time between treatment sessions is usually about 6-8 weeks.