UPDATE: 3/17/2020
Our Tattoo Shop is
TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to the Covid-19 Outbreak Situation in our state.
If you had an appointment scheduled, please contact us via e-mail at SVFT2721@gmail.com so that we can discuss how far out we are canceling / moving appointments to and from our schedules.  Thank you so very much for your understanding. Stay Safe!

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UPDATE: 2/5/22
Our Tattoo Shop is currently collecting canned food/non-perishable goods to donate to our local food bank and food pantries in the area.  We will be raffling off a $100 Gift Certificate to those who donate item(s) prior to the end of February.

Please contact us via e-mail at SVFT2721@gmail.com if you are looking to set up a time to drop off a donation, thank you SO much!

UPDATE: August 2020
Prior to the re-opening of our tattoo shop, we must discuss some new regulations as well as SOME of the new guidelines that we will be enforcing from our local health department. 

--- ALL Clients will be required to wear a face mask (covering both the nose AND mouth) before being granted access to our building, this is non-negotiable and failure to comply will result in entry being denied.  Children are not allowed in our establishment and pregnant women should not be coming in to get tattooed since it is a procedure that is not allowed during pregnancy or breast feeding, so we reserve the right to reject the entry of anyone that decides to not wear a face mask while inside our building. 

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, please know that we have also been doing some major renovations to our facility during the months we have been closed due to the coronavirus, some of those changes are as follows:
- The layout and functionality of our shop has changed, you will no longer be able to come inside to receive a consultation for a tattoo, that will now be handled through our online set-up, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
- Our Check-in/Consultation Window out front is where clients stop before being allowed entry into our establishment, you will be asked to fill out a covid-19 release form indicating you ability to follow our guidlelines from questions that our state/local health department requests that we ask, in addition to consenting to wear a mask inside and have your temperature checked multiple times during their visit here.

- We have also installed plexi-glass wall dividers into each tattoo station area, implemented temperature taking before allowing any client or staff member entry into the tattoo studio area.

- Our staff has received additional training regarding Airborne Pathogens as well as the normal BBP Certifications.
- A strict Socially Distant waiting area has been implemented keep all guests far apart.
- Paperless check-in system for our consent forms for tattoos and for body piercings.
- A video intercom system checkpoint ensuring all clients and staff are wearing face masks.